Why does every ad platform besides FB/Google suck so much to use?


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Microsoft is literally the only other platform I've tried that has the same ease of use and that's just because they flat out rip Google's platform. I tried Twitter a few months back, they straight up would not let me run ads. Said my account didn't qualify to run ads and wouldn't tell me why. Reddit is only marginally better than that. They've switched the access page to their ad platform and renamed it completely since releasing it. Then I go to run an ad. Budget is well above $5 a day, platform wouldn't let me set the ad because it kept saying my daily budget needed to be more than $5. Had to switch from a Lifetime budget to a Daily budget in the settings or it wouldn't work at all. Now my ad has been pending approval all day with zero notification as to when it will actually start running.

No wonder FB has a monopoly on the ad market. They make it so simple that a baby could set up and run an ad, then they shove it down your throat and try to get you to buy ads with everything you do. Do companies like Reddit (or Tencent) actually care about selling ads? I'm pretty sure they do. FB has 80% of the ad market. It's not because their ads perform better or because everyone is still killing it on FB. It's because every other company makes it seem like you're doing them a disservice and inconveniencing them by trying to setup ads on their platform.

You want a point to this rant? I see people post on here all the time about how every problem is solved and how can I make something when everything already exists? You don't always have to reinvent the wheel, sometimes it's sufficient just to improve upon the mousetrap design a little bit. Problems may seem solved from the outside but then once you actually experience them as a user, you realize there are fifty ways the process could be improved. /end rant

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