My mom got quoted $80k to rebrand her product before moving forward with a distributor. My parents don’t have eighty grand to spare, and I’d like to take on the rebrand myself with your help. Do you mind taking a look at the product, and letting me know what you’d change from a branding perspective?


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Hey guys!

Thanks for the click.

As the title suggests, our family business has run into our first growing pains, and (like I've been doing for the last five years), I thought I'd turn to reddit for advice.

My mom sells her product in the wellness and meditation industry. She's a Reiki Master if you know what that is, and has come up with a room spray that mimics the properties of burning sage. You can think of it like a room spray for people into health and wellness.

My parents started the company a couple years back, and it's picked up quite a bit! My mom is the face of the company, my dad does all the outbound calling and sales, and I do the graphic design. We're selling our product in a few of the Whole Foods locations here in Ontario Canada, along with a few stores in the Midwest. We retail our main product Reiki Mist, alongside three other smaller products in the same sector.

We recently met with a distributor looking to place us in a bunch of new stores. He strongly encouraged us to rebrand the product before it hits the mass market, as the current design looks like it was "fashioned up at home". To his credit, my dad and I literally spent months creating everything ourselves after I got home from college each day.

Rather than see my parents invest near $80,000 into a professional branding agency, I'd love a your opinion on our label design and brand presence. I'm no trained graphic designer, but I know my way around Photoshop and Illustrator enough to create something new with the right guidance. I'm also working on reinventing their social media channels and getting them listed on Amazon.

So here we go-

Product Shot | On A Shelf | Fancy Graphic | Info Sheet | Website

Those are the designs we're currently using. I designed everything myself, and my dad helped shoot the photos. I'm open to any sort of constructive criticism, as I really don't have any formal brand training other than a fresh undergrad in business. I'm open to doing anything it takes to help the family business grow, and could really use some help.

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