I’ve been running an ecommerce store for a few years. I’ll do a 2 minute glance at your website and give you feedback.


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Hello all,

I replied to another post the other day where someone asked for feedback by giving a bunch of tips. OP was very happy, and then 5 people DM'd me and commented asking for my help. Rather than me DM you back and forth (I hate reddit DMs), why not post your links below?

Why am I doing this?
I generally dislike most of the content in this sub (marketing companies trying to get clients, people trying to sell courses, podcasters spamming their shit, that one poster that keeps telling people to start service companies to boost their SEO, etc.) so I figured I would maybe try to add value rather than complain. I enjoyed doing the last one, so I figured why not help a few others. In addition, maybe some other ecom experts will come out of hiding to share their knowledge where I can't.

Why am I qualified to do this?

I run a small-medium sized non-dropshipping ecom store (think 6 figures). I will provide as much insight into things that helped me improve my site and will admit when I don't know or haven't tested stuff. I used to routinely listen to multiple ecommerce podcasts and now try to read as many books on digital marketing as I can (my company is at a point where marketing is the bottleneck), so I'm fairly aware of current trends and try my best to constantly refine my knowledge of marketing. I will not share my website link as I don't want you guys messing up my pixel ;). Half joking – I want to make sure you guys feel that I'm not promoting anything here so don't even ask for it lol.

What can you expect from me?

I'll look at your site for low hanging fruit or bigger issues you need to solve. Just post your link and say nothing else, I want to be unbiased 🙂

What can I expect from you?

Sign up for my next dropshipping course 😉

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