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I'm a freelance web developer myself who works through platforms like Upwork, etc. I'm thinking of developing this app for advanced freelancers like myself who know the nitty-gritty of hosting a web app and getting a domain, so they can self-host this app and avoid the costly fees of paid platforms like Upwork (all they provide us is their web based app, really!).

The idea is to make this app open source once developed. Then pro freelancers will host a copy of this on their own servers and take their clients there instead of working on Upwork.

What I'm looking for now is ideas about what features to add to this app. Based on my past working experience, I've come up with these features. Any suggestions will be most helpful!

  • User Management:
    • Registration/login/logout for clients & freelancers.
    • User Types:
      • Freelancer (Admin).
      • Client.
      • Manager/Other/Tester/Designer (appointed by the client).
  • Project management:
    • Client can start a new project with details of skills, estimated time, etc.
    • Each project broken into milestones & tasks.
  • Work Room:
    • Calendar to view pending projects, milestones & tasks.
    • Instant Messaging with email notifications.
    • Time-sheet entry by freelancer against task/milestone (similar to toggl).
    • Client can mark a task/milestone as finished.
    • Freelancer can update the amount field once payment is received.
    • Project auto-marked as completed after that.
  • Profile page for the freelancer:
    • Upload pic, write bio, update skills.
    • portfolio auto-updated with his latest projects.
  • Reminders:
    • Pending milestones and tasks.
    • Notification to client for reminders of payment dues, etc.
    • X+ days passed since your last git commit.
  • Reports:
    • Pending milestones and tasks.

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