Cloud Technologies

Solving business problems smartly and swiftly with Cloud Technologies

Do you face the following situations?

  1. Manual, repetitive processes slowing your team’s work processes and productivity.
  2. Your software programs and servers require multiple programming languages to maintain (SQL, Apache, etc) making finding developers with the requisite skillsets a pain.

We have worked with customers to solve all sorts of problems, building with simplicity and empowering businesses. Additionally, our cloud software ensures that you never have to worry about setting up and maintaining servers on your own, hiring expensive software engineers with specific server-related skillsets.

Customised solutions include:

  1. Human Resource Management System(HRMS), including a facial recognition(Microsoft Face) to monitor check-ins.
  2. Sales platform that allows brands to self-service onboard and upload products for third-party sellers to promote and sell their products.
  3. Flight and hotel booking platform that interfaces using APIs to sync with external data providers.
  4. Patient monitoring and task management system for a hospital.

Our solutions are all hosted on Amazon Web Services(AWS), which provide reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services. Server downtime will soon be a worry of the past!

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