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Way back I was told that one of the best ways to learn software development is to do a project. So now that I have an idea, I want to create an app. I don't have any coding experience, and this is just a new hobby that I want to explore.

It's a really early idea (not about shopping, that's just for the example below). But I was recommended to check out bubble (bubble.io). Just started learning but I'm not sure if bubble can help. Would anyone be able to advise on this please?

My app will entail:

1) user enter their data with intuitive search e.g. where they shopped

2) app automatically pinpoints the common factor(s) based on their data, and display them in order from the most common to less common ones e.g. the shops that they shopped the most, and also make suggestions/recommendations

3) Eventually, I would like to include a calendar element – so e.g. user can track when they shopped, and enter their mood of that shopping experience

In the very long run, I would also like to include the following:

4) Scan text feature (something like scanning text on Google Translate), so user doesn't have to type everything

Would anyone know if bubble should be sufficient to do this please? Thank you.

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